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787 pushed back for 2010

by Dan Toma, Published: November 4th, 2008 5:35 PM CST

Due to the machinist strike (now setteled) the schedule for the development of the 787 Dreamliner was pushed back. Boeing (BA) postponed the first flight of its 787 Dreamliner for the third quarter of 2009.

The project was allredy 16 weeks  behind schedule before the strike now its first delivery is likely to occur sometime in the second half of 2009 or first half of 2010.

The spokesman of All Nippon Airways, the first customer of the 787, said: "we are extremely disappointed with the latest delay". All of the 50 airlines that have placed 892 orders for the top-selling plane will be entitled to compensation for the delays, and Boeing's reputation for reliability also is at stake.

The Dreamliner, Boeing's first newly designed jet since 777 in 1995, will be the world's first large commercial airplane made mostly of carbon-fiber composites, which are lighter and more durable than aluminum and do not corrode. Boeing says it will be cheaper to maintain and offer greater fuel efficiency and more passenger comforts than comparable planes flying today.

Is this new delay offering an advantage to Boeing's European counterpart Airbus? We will have to wait until 2010.





787 pushed back for 2010
Due to the machinist strike (now setteled) the schedule for the development of the 787 ...

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