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Our elaborate system is set up in a way where articles are submitted through our message boards, recommended by our members and selected by our board moderators for editing and formal editorial review.  Our editor-in-chief checks to make sure articles meet our strict guidelines and reserves the right to make improvements and corrections, technical or otherwise.  When approved, the article is released for publication.


Submission Requirements

Verified Identities - All published articles are written by Market Rap Identity Verified Members, whose contact information and identity has been formally verified.  Authors may be contacted directly via their Rap Sheet through our Private Messaging system.  We do not allow articles that are from annonymous or unverified sources.

Disclosure - We expect writers to disclose active investments that are related to submitted articles.  Although we have no way to verify each and every disclosure, article writers are expected to abide by federal law and Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines as it relates to disclosure.


Market Rap Will Not Accept

Plagiarism - Sources for all material research must be indicated.  We expect writers to be able to distinguish between original ideas, secondary material and direct quotes.

Disinformation - We do not accept submissions that are obviously inaccurate or misleading.

Hate Speech - We do not tolerate submissions that contain highly generalized negative assertions about any race, nation, creed class, ethnic group or sexual orientation.


Market Rap Will Accept

Quality Articles - Our multi level peer review process promotes the publication of 'news quality' articles, meaning that they are credible and well thought out.  For more, see our suggestions...


We recommend the following when it comes to submissions:

Be Credible - Provide your name and picture and always back up your claims by facts and solid reasoning.

Be Objective - Everyone has a strong bias and particular interest when it comes to the stock market. But when it comes to communicating to a broad audience effectively, it is likely best to show your awareness of every side of the issue.

Be Specific - Write about a particular stock or topic. Let others continue to handle writing about everything as a whole. We want to promote your specific specialized understanding.

Be Wise - Provide analysis that is thoughtful, logical and based on facts.

Be Interesting - Provide insight or introduce a new perspective.


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