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  Hi, I’m Perry H. Rod, creator of Market Rap.  Starting with no money or special connections, I have made a living from investing for well over a decade.  Through reading, writing and eventually communicating with investors, executives, analysts and fund managers, I was able to learn and share, filtering through the noise of stock market message boards (a lot of noise) and capturing the attention of knowledgeable people involved in the market.

I originally had an idealistic view of investing, believing that I was simply buying small pieces of companies that were being traded based on public information to which I and others had access.  But I slowly learned about another side of the investment world, with journalists, analysts, hedge funds, and executives whispering and colluding amongst themselves.  I got myself into heated public written exchanges with certain journalists and analysts on message boards.  In 2008, I even put together a small group of investors found through message boards to overthrow the board of directors of a major public company.  Commentators called what I was trying to do laughable since our group represented such small share in the company.  When all was said and done, we won the vote by a factor of 14-1 with overwhelming support from institutional investors.  Three days before we would have officially overthrown management, the executives sold off the ailing company for a premium, a great win for shareholders.

Market Rap is my vision for the future of investor communication.  Twenty years ago a person like myself would have had no chance becoming a professional investor.  Today, that trend continues to shift toward the visionary investor and away from insiders.  This free website was specifically designed to continue empowering and strengthening the individual investor’s voice by allowing members to submit news and analysis articles that are distributed throughout the internet, to provide investor "oversight" of powerful Wall Street forces, to encourage civil thoughtful exchange of ideas, to encourage shareholder activism, and to allow members to track investment performance.  I hope you will join me in this effort to modernize and innovate the world of investor communication.



Market Rap's goal is to give shareholders the power, influence and rights they deserve

For decades, industry analysts, market makers, media and corporate executives were the only voices ever heard on Wall Street. Today, shareholders are being heard and Market Rap is providing the ultimate forum to further embolden the voice of the investor.

Market Rap is inspired by courageous individuals who are out there fighting for the rights of shareholders. We are influenced by those who have been hard at work exposing failings and corruption on Wall Street and in financial journalism and financial analysis.

Market Rap is an objective forum for investors. But the investors involved in creating this website have a specific objective: to bring together, embolden, entertain, and empower investors with tools that have never before been a part of the investment community.

Oversight Pages are an innovative way of allowing investors to moderate and keep track of powerful individual influences in Wall Street. For too long, business journalists have been able to say and do what they want without a significant watchful record keeping of their words and potential biases. For too long, many loud analysts have gotten away with providing inaccurate research, commentary and recommendations without meaningful organized recorded discussion and debate. For too long, executives and market makers have hid in the shadows of Wall Street. Market Rap's Oversight pages allow multiple moderators and anyone who signs up for free to be a part of the ongoing discussion of people who may (or may not) deserve the power and influence that they enjoy. In short...


We bring power back to the investor ...where it belongs

Market Rap's tools are evolving, but are aiming to be at the forefront of this movement for change. And your participation here is support for our cause.

Market Rap allows the investor to submit articles for publication, which are approved by moderators selected from the community and ultimately by the editor-in-chief. We also offer investors and potential investors a way to track and test their own progress as investors with virtual stock positions*. We do all this through our Message Board Technology, which is the most advanced message board structure offered on the internet today. Just go to "Post Message" and try it.

We believe investors happen to be avid readers who are looking for convenient ways to connect with others in order to contribute to their investment knowledge. We believe Market Rap can become the most ideal destination, as the ultimate investor empowerment community.


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*Virtual Stock Positions and Virtual Stock Portfolio are created through our Message Board Technology. When posting a message, you can place a "virtual trade" which will approximate the buy/sell price in real time and track your progress. In your personalized "Rap Sheet," calculations are made by adding together all results from both open and closed positions. By calculating results in this way, all trades have average equal weight with all other trades.


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