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Cataloging Sears Holdings Corporation Stock Manipulation -02/22/10 at 12:24 PM CSTby Judd Bagley

Most of the examinations of stock manipulation published here on take place after the fact, the damage being done. However, we’ve became aware of instances of apparently illegal, manipulative trading in several companies’ stocks, happening right now, which we have the ability to monitor and report on in nearly real time. I&rsqu...


Sears Holdings Corporation Short Selling Stock Delivery Failure Analy... -02/17/10 at 2:05 PM CSTby Judd Bagley

I’ve got everything ready to go for my next article, save one thing: the most current stock delivery failures data, corresponding to the second half of January, which the SEC was supposed to have made available yesterday. I’m particularly eager to get that batch, because it has the capacity to confirm or rule-out my ability to predict the futu...


Fed Exit Strategy? Preparing For Inflation: SPDR Gold Trust et al. Pa... -02/16/10 at 3:44 PM CSTby Brian Benton

In late July of last year, I provided an analysis of the tools the Federal Reserve was proposing it might use to facilitate an exit from the substantial amount of bank reserve creation (and resultant balance sheet expansion) since September 2008 (Fed Exit Strategy?). Also discussed were some of the problems I felt the Fed would encounter when attempting t...

OSTK TSCM's Barry Ritholtz and a Tale of Two Media -02/11/10 at 1:43 PM CSTby Judd Bagley

This is a transcript of the Deep Capture podcast episode published on February 10, 2010. You may: Download the episode in mp3 format. Subscribe to the podcast’s RSS feed. Download in iTunes. listen to the episode right here in this handy audio player:  Barry Ritholtz and a tale of two media. [12:35m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup   It...


Kilroy Realty Corp Misses Guidance Estimate -01/26/10 at 1:11 PM CSTby Peter York

During their mid trading day conference call, Kilroy Realy Corporation (NYSE:KRC) reported FFO guidance of $2.10-$2.30. An average of 11 analysts had expected FFO of $2.23.  Shares slipped slightly as a result of the miss.  After the markets had closed yesterday, Kilroy reported FFO earnings of .39 which was a penny less than analysts had expect...


John Paulson's "Greatest Trade Ever" - Something of a Scam -01/20/10 at 10:34 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

By now, everybody knows that the market for collateralized debt obligations was riddled with fraud in the lead-up to the financial crisis. What is less known is the fact that hedge fund managers helped create and inflate the market for these toxic securities specifically so that they could bet against them and profit from the inevitable collapse. An examp...


The Coming Oil Conflict In Iran -01/19/10 at 12:12 PM CSTby Reggie Abaca

Newsmakers and even the oil markets (USO, X, USL) have learned to get used to tensions between the West and Iran.  Last week, an Iranian physics professor linked to the country’s nuclear program was assassinated.  Iran blamed Israel and the United States for the remote control bombing of the man’s car.  Iran, for once, was proba...


New Evidence Raises Questions About Kingsford Capital - Links To TheS... -01/07/10 at 5:20 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

A blog published by the University of North Carolina School of Journalism reported recently that Steve Cohen of hedge fund SAC Capital managed to kill a story by Reuters reporter Matt Goldstein. It seems that Goldstein was going to shed some light on allegations that Cohen engaged in insider trading. Cohen didn’t like that, and got in touch with Gol...


GameStop Technical Analysis Shows a Possible Significant Trend Reversal -01/05/10 at 11:10 PM CSTby Martin Sambu

Check out this mid-term view of Gamestop (NYSE:GME).  As you can see below, the stock has moved above its rising trendline which began in November 2008. This is bullish because it initially broke below the trendline but instead of continuing to decline, it very recently reversed course and moved up.    Here is a closer look at last 3 month...


Goldman Sachs Reiterates Buy Rating on GameStop Corp. -12/28/09 at 1:32 PM CSTby Perry Rod

After removing Gamestop Corp (NYSE:GME) from their conviction buy list in November, sell side Goldman Sachs (GS) analyst Robert Higginbotham today is pushing investors to buy GameStop shares, with a price target of $29.  He cites two specific catalysts including GameStop's holiday sales report coming on January 7th and their full earnings report in M...


Hopes and Dreams Continue at Take Two Interactive Software -12/28/09 at 10:11 AM CSTby Perry Rod

He said in 1993 it was always his dream to run his own media company.  Strauss Zelnick left a nice job at Fox and took a big risk to work on a start-up video game company, Crystal Dynamics.  That risk turned out to be a failure for him at the time but provided him with a resume entry that would prove to be invaluable. When Carl Icahn bought int...


Ghosts of Fairfax Financial: Now, Hedge Funds Scurry to Sever Ties wi... -12/23/09 at 12:44 PM CSTby Judd Bagley

Investigative financial reporter Teri Buhl is reporting that hedge funds are scrambling to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the increasingly radioactive SAC Capital, which is rumored to be the next target of the FBI’s crackdown on insider trading. According to Buhl, this includes purging email exchanges with SAC. Funds like Bl...

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