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Sony PS3 Pricecut, Welcome News for Activision, Electronic Arts, Gamestop, Take Two Interactive and THQ Inc.

By Perry Rod, Published: August 18th, 2009 12:57 PM CDT

There is a universal sigh of relief in the interactive entertainment industry today as Sony has just announced at the end of their Gamescon 2009 presentation that the new PlayStation 3 Slim will now be $299 (299 euros, 29980 yen).  That will also be the new price for all PlayStation 3's for sale on the market starting tomorrow, August 19, 2009.

Kotaku, a video game website, is reporting that the PS3 Slim will be 120 gigabytes and 33 percent smaller, and also 36 percent lighter.  Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has stated that he would consider dropping support for the Sony console without a significant price cut.  This should come as welcome news for his company and also Gamestop (GME), Electronic Arts (ERTS), Take Two (TTWO) Interactive and THQ Inc (THQI).


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