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Apple's New "Cloud Deal" With Warner Music -04/22/11 at 4:04 PM CDTby Mahyar Hashemi

Apple has an agreement with Warner Music Group to offer the record label's tracks on iTunes' upcoming cloud-music service, music industry sources said. In the race to the cloud, Apple is apparently stepping on the gas. All Things Digital reported Thursday that Apple has signed two of the top four record companies and wrote that Apple content chi...


Nintendo Stock Falling In Japan Despite Record Breaking Sales -01/21/09 at 2:24 AM CSTby Perry Rod

While video game sales break new records all across the world, video game stocks have seen better days. American publishers Activision (ATVI), Electronic Arts (ERTS), Take Two (TTWO) and THQ (THQI) have all seen their stocks dramatically fall over the year.  The latter has had the worst hit, sinking 86% in a year while others have been cut by over ...

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