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New Evidence Raises Questions About Kingsford Capital - Links To TheS... -01/07/10 at 5:20 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

A blog published by the University of North Carolina School of Journalism reported recently that Steve Cohen of hedge fund SAC Capital managed to kill a story by Reuters reporter Matt Goldstein. It seems that Goldstein was going to shed some light on allegations that Cohen engaged in insider trading. Cohen didn’t like that, and got in touch with Gol...


Michael Milken, 60,000 Deaths, and the Story of Dendreon, Chapter 1 -06/24/09 at 1:38 PM CDTby Mark Mitchell

This story, like too many others, begins with Jim Cramer, the CNBC personality, making “a mistake.” On September 26, 2005, Cramer announced to his television audience the sad news (punctuated by funny sound effects – a clown horn, a crashing airplane) that Provenge, an experimental treatment for prostate cancer, had flopped. Thousan...


Would General Electric's CNBC Allow Charles Gasparino To Say It On Th... -02/21/09 at 8:44 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

Charles Gasparino, the CNBC reporter, published an op-ed in The New York Post yesterday. Here’s a part of what he had to say: Earlier this year, high-flying hedge fund Paulson & Co. retained [former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan] for its “advisory board.” The firm is a noted “short seller” of banks and financial st...


General Electric, and the Crumbling Myth of Warren Buffett -02/13/09 at 3:33 PM CSTby Perry Rod

In December, I did a quick Christmas valuation analysis of General Electric and concluded that $16 was too much to pay for the company, given the current market environment and the company's enterprise multiple. Since then, GE (GE) has given up tens of billions in market capitalization and just recently bounced off a low of $10.66, a price that has not b...

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