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Viacom Drops The Ball On Michael Jackson (Update) -06/26/09 at 11:23 AM CDTby Peter York

Within an hour of Michael Jackson's untimely death, t-shirts of the pop legend were being sold to crowds in Los Angeles and New York, and Michael Jackson eBay items were being sold at more than ten times the previous value.  The cable news media and even some networks dropped everything and it was non-stop Michael Jackson on television.  But a c...


Prediction: Google To Become the Most Profitable Company in the World -04/10/09 at 12:40 PM CDTby Ted Arrington-flowers

As a former stock broker, 20-year stock trader and serial entrepreneur my life experiences have given me a unique perspective to back the prediction made in this report that Google will become the largest and most profitable company in the world within 20 years. From investing experiences I learned as all savvy investors know by now that innovation that d...


Yahoo's Search Yields No Results -11/07/08 at 11:44 AM CSTby Peter York

Yahoo (YHOO)'s CEO Jerry Yang is in trouble.  When Microsoft (MSFT)'s CEO Steve Ballmer ruled out another bid for the search giant, he sent a message to Yahoo's board of directors: your management is incompetent. Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang said at an industry conference that Microsoft's best option was to buy his company and Yahoo is still will...

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