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Fed Exit Strategy? Preparing For Inflation: SPDR Gold Trust et al. Pa... -02/16/10 at 3:44 PM CSTby Brian Benton

In late July of last year, I provided an analysis of the tools the Federal Reserve was proposing it might use to facilitate an exit from the substantial amount of bank reserve creation (and resultant balance sheet expansion) since September 2008 (Fed Exit Strategy?). Also discussed were some of the problems I felt the Fed would encounter when attempting t...


World Conspires to Abandon the Dollar - Good News For SPDR Gold Trust... -10/05/09 at 10:12 PM CDTby Reggie Abaca

Journalist Robert Fisk reported today that Middle Eastern nations along with China, Russia, Japan and France are working together to end oil's pricing in dollars.  In what he said were, "secret meetings," finance ministers are apparently planning on a way to move oil's pricing into, "a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan...


Fed Exit Strategy? Preparing For Inflation: SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) et... -08/13/09 at 9:53 AM CDTby Brian Benton

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke used last week as an opportunity to address the Fed's exit strategy of removing the bank reserves that have been pumped into the banking system since September of last year. Of course, this will not happen until the Fed and our political leaders feel that both the banking system and the economy is on considerably soun...

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