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TheStreet.com's Barry Ritholtz and a Tale of Two Media -02/11/10 at 1:43 PM CSTby Judd Bagley

This is a transcript of the Deep Capture podcast episode published on February 10, 2010. You may: Download the episode in mp3 format. Subscribe to the podcast’s RSS feed. Download in iTunes. listen to the episode right here in this handy audio player:  Barry Ritholtz and a tale of two media. [12:35m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup   It...


As All Eyes Focus on Amazon.com and Wal-Mart Stores, While Apple, Mac... -12/20/09 at 1:49 PM CSTby Reggie Abaca

Unique visitor estimates at Compete.com show that internet traffic in the month of November rose dramatically at several popular websites.  Of the largest United States online retail portals, the biggest winners in the month of November were Apple.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) which rose 39.9% and the Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:M) website, which rose 38.6%.&n...


Behind the Overstock.com Inc. Rocker and Gradient Lawsuit Story -12/08/09 at 9:27 PM CSTby Judd Bagley

Today, short-selling hedge fund Rocker Partners paid Overstock.com $5-million to settle the lawsuit filed against them in August of 2005. Rocker Partners also entirely dropped its own countersuit. Overstock.com (NASDAQ:OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne is a frequent contributor to DeepCapture.com. This is a major victory, not only for Patrick and Overstock.com, but...


California Lawmakers Try To Sneak in Sales Tax on Amazon.com Inc. and... -10/22/09 at 9:22 PM CDTby Perry Rod

The Sacramento Bee reported today that California’s Democratic lawmakers and Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are working on putting in a version of the so-called “Amazon tax” into a large new California tax bill.  New York has a similar law in effect today. Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) began collecting sales tax in New York in J...


Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Was Right All Along, Says CNBC's Charlie ... -09/04/09 at 12:00 PM CDTby Judd Bagley

It has been long maintained at Deep Capture that Charlie Gasparino is possibly the most insightful figure at CNBC. Today, Mr. Gasparino underscored that status while on air with Joe Grano, former CEO at UBS Financial Services (HIG) and an early predictor of the current financial crisis. Grano’s interview was set to coincide with the upcoming first a...


Former New York Times Company Contributor Gary Weiss Banned From Dail... -08/12/09 at 2:58 AM CDTby Reggie Abaca

Gary Weiss, a former contributor for Forbes, Salon and The New York (NYT) Times, has apparently been caught writing a blog on The Daily Kos with a false name and even discussing himself in the third person through an alter ego, “Tom Sykes”.  Andrew Perez, another blogger from the Daily Kos has stated that administrators have banned &ldquo...


Overstock CEO Calls Out Jim Chanos on Insider Trading, Naked Short Se... -06/10/09 at 12:04 PM CDTby Perry Rod

Partial transcript of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne on Fox Business News (06/05/09): "Let me describe the activity that Jim Chanos is covering up with what I think is smoke and mirrors.  The SEC has confirmed an investigation into Jim Chanos.  E-mails have emerged from a New Jersey courthouse that document that an analyst at Morgan Keegan was feed...


SEC Enforcement Chief Lands New Job - Overstock CEO and Others Stunned -04/14/09 at 7:37 PM CDTby Perry Rod

During Linda Thomsen's tenure as head of the enforcement division of the SEC, Harry Markopolis, a former investment officer with Rampart Investment Management in Boston, was writing a series of persuasive letters to the SEC informing them of the statistical impossibility of Bernie Madoff’s investment returns.  Despite being intimidated by the S...


The DTCC: Unregulated Buying, Clearing, Settling and Short Selling -03/05/09 at 11:07 PM CSTby Reggie Abaca

According to Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock (OSTK), The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), which assumes a role that requires government oversight, is completely unregulated. In a message posted on the Deep Capture business blog, Byrne says he hired two securities lawyers to find out who actually regulates The Depository Trust an...


Strange Occurrences, and a Story about Naked Short Selling -01/27/09 at 6:15 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

Evidence suggests that Bernard Madoff, the “prominent” Wall Street operator and former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, had ties to the Russian Mafia, Moscow-based oligarchs, and the Genovese organized crime family. And, as reported by Deep Capture and Reuters, Madoff did not just orchestrate a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. He was also the pri...

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