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Europe Comes to Terms With Market Manipulation; the SEC, News Corpora... -05/24/10 at 1:26 PM CDTby Mark Mitchell

Well, the current state of the global financial markets is certainly interesting. I mean, you have to be a bit sick in the head, but if you think about it the right way, it really is “interesting” — sort of like, oo-wee, look, the girl in the cute leotard is falling off the tightrope, there’s no net, and she’s going to go &ld...


Roddy Boyd, Formerly of News Corporation and Time Warner Inc., and th... -10/13/09 at 3:21 PM CDTby Mark Mitchell

“Telling the truth is only possible by accident through a special sort of boastfulness…” - Fyodor Dostoevsky, “The Idiot” Regular readers of Deep Capture are aware that we have sought to expose certain journalists who seem to serve the interests of a network of market miscreants, many of whom are tied to the famous criminal ...


L.A. Dodger Fans Plead to News Corporation and Time Warner Inc., and ... -09/28/09 at 1:00 PM CDTby Perry Rod

Nearly 3,000 miles away from the corporate headquarters of media titans News Corporation (NWS) and Time Warner Inc. (TWX) is the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, California.  Nowhere in the world has amassed a larger group of entertainment industry professionals.  As a result, nowhere in the world holds a larger proportion of cri...


Carl Icahn Buys More Yahoo -11/28/08 at 2:18 PM CSTby Mahyar Hashemi

Carl Icahn has had a difficult time in this market. Most reports suggest he has dropped well over 50% of his total value this year. His stake in Yahoo (YHOO) has been another recent loser, despite Icahn's success of taking a minority position on Yahoo's board of directors. Today it was reported that Icahn bought more shares of Yahoo and upped his stake in...


Move Over Fox News, Drudge Is Losing His Mind -11/03/08 at 2:15 PM CSTby Peter York

I think Matt Drudge at DrudgeReport.com is losing his mind.  In the last few weeks his accusations against candidate Obama have become borderline insane.  Now, on the day before election day, he is accusing Barack Obama of flipping off John McCain when the guy was just scratching his face. Fox News (NWS) has never looked more moderate.  Ind...

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