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Deutsche Bank Sold Massive Amounts of Phantom Stock -10/16/08 at 7:54 PM CDTby Perry Rod

Mark Mitchell is reporting over at that the New York Stock Exchange has handed Deutsche Bank Securities the largest fine in history for violations of SEC rules designed to prevent the creation of what the chairman of the SEC has called “phantom stock.”  Mitchell goes on to report: The NYSE’s disciplinary order states...


Short Squeeze: Morgan Stanley Leads the Market Higher - Largest One D... -10/13/08 at 2:48 PM CDTby Perry Rod

An epic rise in the stock market following the worst week ever in the stock market.  That is the story here on Monday, October 13th 2008.  Many short sellers, betting that Morgan Stanley would not even make it over the weekend, were forced to cover their bets as Morgan Stanley rose 87%, in what is commonly referred to as a "short squeeze".&nbsp...


Lynch Mob Takes On Morgan Stanley -10/11/08 at 6:21 PM CDTby Reggie Abaca

The question is what will the Feds do?  Will they support Morgan Stanley the company?  Or will they support MS shareholders.  Apparently, the United States government thinks there is no distinction there.  But that is not reality. If anything has been learned from Bear Stearns, Lehman, Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual, IndyMac, AIG, Fa...

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