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Would General Electric's CNBC Allow Charles Gasparino To Say It On Th... -02/21/09 at 8:44 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

Charles Gasparino, the CNBC reporter, published an op-ed in The New York Post yesterday. Here’s a part of what he had to say: Earlier this year, high-flying hedge fund Paulson & Co. retained [former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan] for its “advisory board.” The firm is a noted “short seller” of banks and financial st...


Email Exposes Short Seller Plot to Destroy Public Company, Fairfax Fi... -02/17/09 at 11:33 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

A few years ago, a clique of influential journalists went to extraordinary lengths to cover up the problem of illegal short selling. In the face of indisputable data and evidence, the journalists insisted, over and over, that “naked” short selling (hedge funds manipulating stock prices by flooding the market with phantom stock) rarely occurred...


Bernard Madoff, the Mafia, and the Friends of Michael Milken -02/05/09 at 2:25 AM CSTby Mark Mitchell

In 2005, Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock.com (OSTK) and future Deep Capture investigative reporter, began a public crusade against illegal naked short selling (hedge funds and brokers creating phantom stock to manipulate stock prices down). He said, over and over, that the crime was destroying public companies and had the potential to trigger a syst...


Strange Occurrences, and a Story about Naked Short Selling -01/27/09 at 6:15 PM CSTby Mark Mitchell

Evidence suggests that Bernard Madoff, the “prominent” Wall Street operator and former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, had ties to the Russian Mafia, Moscow-based oligarchs, and the Genovese organized crime family. And, as reported by Deep Capture and Reuters, Madoff did not just orchestrate a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. He was also the pri...

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