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Michael Jackson Calls Marvel Entertainment a Strong Buy in 2003

By Perry Rod, Published: May 11th, 2010 8:39 PM CDT

Recordings from 2003 have surfaced of superstar Michael Jackson giving possible stock advice to an anonymous source:

We must move as fast as we can because the, on the film side of it, ah, I don't know if you have been reading the paper... but Marvel already have sold off their internet rights and the fact that stock is so low now.  They put out Spider-Man, now they got Incredible Hulk coming, they got X-Men 2 coming and they also got Spider-Man 2 coming. It is going to jump, it's going to change! I mean, you know... and this huge frenzy for superheroes... and all the things we can do... I wanna get in before the stocks... we have to jump in now. The timing is perfect."

It's unclear if the recording was a direct recommendation to buy the stock, attempt to take-over the company, or another related venture, and certainly there is no direct evidence that Mr. Jackson bought or held Marvel Entertainment (NYSE:MVL) stock.  But the fact that he was possibly pushing the stock to someone in 2003 when it had risen over 650% since that time shows he was right about the value of the company and its business, just as he was right in acquiring the Beatles catalogue.

Jackson was previously a part of a group of investors, including former Marvel head Stan Lee and his business partner Peter Paul, who altogether tried to buy Marvel as early as 1992 but failed.  The 2003 tape reveals that Jackson believed Marvel's stock price was cheap even in 2003, when its market cap was at around a half billion.  Marvel was acquired by Disney for 4.24 billion at the end of 2009.

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