Latest Articles: Inc's Jim Cramer Asks Blog to Remove Post, Apologize

By Reggie Abaca, Published: November 3rd, 2009 10:36 AM CST

Stock newsletter website Wall St. Cheat Sheet received a surprise email from Jim Cramer in response to an article critical of Inc (TSCM) stock.  Taking issue with author Damien Hoffman's title, "Jim Cramer Says Sell, Sell, Sell His Company," Cramer wrote the following e-mail to the author, according to the website:

Subject: Some decorum and some fairness From: “James Cramer” Date: Mon, October 26, 2009 5:30 am To:

While I understand your need to be “on the map,” and I understand the “public figure” exception to the libel laws, I do think that given your backgrounds and your histories, you are taking too much license with your Jim Cramer says Sell . I believe that level of lack of responsibility is beneath you. So please take it down and apologize to me so we can move on. Fair? Think about it. Think about how much better you are than that? If you really need to sell subs just sell them, don’t trash me to do it. jjcramer

The message tells us that Mr. Cramer has somehow convinced himself that he is something more than an entertainter.  At Market Rap, we have hosted a series of critical pieces on Mr. Cramer's many shameless actions, yet have not received emails.  Titles such as, "Jim Cramer, The Weasel Who Is Now An Investor Advocate," may have deserved a Jim Cramer apology demand letter.  But apparently, Mr. Cramer is only concerned when his stock promoting website's stock is involved in the criticism.  Congratulations to the author, Mr. Hoffman, for his write-up which got Mr. Cramer's direct negative attention.  Mr. Hoffman's response to Mr. Cramer includes a note that he was a fan of his show.

Apparently, not anymore.

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