Friday, January 2, 2009

Famed Enron Reporter A Shill For Short Selling Hedge Funds?'s Judd Bagley has uncovered emails between Copper River hedge fund's Marc Cahodes and Bethany McLean that was a part of 1,000 pages of discovery just unsealed in the Fairfax Financial vs. SAC Capital, et al, lawsuit, in which Fairfax claims a conspiracy involving multiple short-selling hedge funds, financial analysts and business journalists intent on destroying the company for monetary gain.

After she wrote her negative hit piece, the stock did not fall, which led to a discussion about why the stock did not fall.  Here is a quote from her to Mr. Cahodes:

Sorry to be a little bad-tempered. This FFH story almost killed me, so I hate hearing that it was pointless. Maybe it’ll be a long, slow thing..


Posted by Perry Rod, at 3:55 AM

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